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How to Uninstall Windows Screensavers




How to uninstall through Windows
Add or Remove Programs Icon Add or Remove Programs

To remove the screensaver follow the instructions below to Uninstall.

  1. De-activate the screensaver first by choosing a different screensaver or None.
    Right click on a clear spot on your desktop. Click Display Properties. Click the Screensaver tab.
    Choose a different screensaver on the list other than the one you want to remove or None. Click the 'OK' or 'Apply' button in the Display Property screen and close.
  2. To uninstall from your computer. Follow '1.' instructions above then:
    Go to Start/Control Panel. Choose Add or Remove Programs. Find (Name of Screensaver to be removed) on the list and click it to highlight, then click Add/Remove.

How to uninstall through the program (screensaver)
Uninstall Button

If the screensaver is not in the Add/Remove, go to Windows Start then click All Programs. Look for the name of the screensaver or the name of the developer. Move your mouse cursor over it and a drop down menu should appear with an Uninstall option, click it.

Not in Add/Remove or All Programs

Go to Windows Start and click Search > All files and folders. Type in the name of the screensaver and click the Search button. All files and sometimes a folder associated with the screensaver will show up. The one with the ‘.scr’ file name is the actual screensaver. Right click on the file name and delete. You may want to delete all the files that come up since they will be useless. Do a search for the name of the developer; sometimes they will create a folder without asking.

If nothing shows up in the search

Go back to Search > All files and folders > click More advanced options. Check (activate) Search system folders, Search hidden files and folders and Search subfolders. Run the Search again.

How to uninstall in Windows Vista

Go to Start then click Programs. The screensaver name or the company should be listed. Choose then click Uninstall.

Microsoft Vista help:

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