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AJ All Clocks
AJ All Clocks A nice compilation of 14 ways to tell time on your desktop. From the familiar Micky Mouse clock to the strange hand written digital clock by Yugo Nakamura. Anne Jan | Win.9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 | 476 Kb | free
Active Clock
Active Clock A working clock rotating and flying on your desktop. High resolution 3D graphics. Altarsoft | Win.98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 | 129 Kb | free
Chameleon Clock
Chameleon Clock ScreensaverA very slick desktop clock, screensaver and wallpaper combination. Fully customizable, alowing you to impliment your own or any design. Hard to top to this one. Softshape | Win.NT/2000/XP/Vista | 3578 Kb | trial
Cow Cult Clock
Cow Cult ClockHerd of cows congregating around their giant cow clock. Funny sounds and mooing. South Park Studios (Download from Screensaver-Network) | Windows | 445 Kb | free
Cuckoo Clock 3D
Cuckoo Clock 3DVery high resolution images of a working clock. Interesting virtual 3D camera views that zoom in on fine details. Comes with all the sounds. Screensaver-Network | Win.98/ME/2000/XP | 6.35 Mb | demo
Digital Clock
Digital ClockA sci-fi retro industrial look. Works as both screensaver and animated wallpaper. Super graphics and animation. 3planesoft | Windows | 25.9 Mb | trial
Kukuxumusu Digital Clock
Kukuxumusu Digital Clock A cartoon digital clock with the digits made of flowers, cows etc. Surprise animations make it fun to watch. Kukuxumusu | Win.98/ME/2000/XP |1076 Kb | free
Mechanical Clock 3D
Mechanical Clock 3D A realistic clock patterned after a 18th century Swiss model. Synchronized movements of internal mechanisms in amazing detail. Wonderful 3D graphics. 3Planesoft | Win.98/ME/2000/XP | 2083 Kb | trial
Pocket Watch 3D
Taschenuhr 3D A beautiful animation of an antique pocket watch against the backdrop of an astrological star chart. A contemplative look at our fascination with time. Screensaver-Network | Win.32 | 2.88 Mb | demo
Steam Clock 3D
Steam Clock 3D ScreensaverReminiscent of a scene out of a Jules Verne adventure. A visual feast. 3planesoft | Win.XP/Vista/Windows 7 | 40.7 Mb | trial
The Lost Watch 3D
The Lost Watch 3D A gold pocket watch lost in a stream. Beautiful graphics and animation of light and water. 3Planesoft | Win.XP/Vista/Windows 7 | 3.45 Mb | shareware
Zodiac Clock 3D
Zodiac Clock 3D ScreensaverConstellations and signs of the zodiac circling around a clock. Very nice, perfect for the metaphysical minded. 3Planesoft | Win.98/ME/XP/000/2003/Vista | 8.8 Mb | shareware
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