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Ballooneys Lite  
Ballooneys Lite Pop balloons and more with this fun, interactive screensaver with sound for the young at heart. Delfyn Software
Win.9x/ME/NT/2000/XP | 841 Kb | free Download
Steamboat Willie
Steamboat Willie
The classic 1928 cartoon animation of Mickey Mouse.
Disney | Win.32 | 347 Kb | free


3D Arctic Bear Celebrates Free
2D Arctic Bear Celebrates FreeBear getting in mood for the holiday season. He decorates a Christmas tree, dances to holiday music, salutes and has a jolly good time. Game Falls | Win9x/ME/2000/XP/2003 | 1.9 Mb | free
3D Desktop Dog
3D Desktop DogAffable and cute puppies romping on your desktop. The trial version has 3 dogs, 2 types of dogs with 5 different colors and patterns with the dog size being adjustable. UselessCreations | Windows | 2.5 Mb | trial
3001 Space Oddities
3001 Space OdditiesFun space ships flying across your screen. Play original music or your own tracks. Howie's Funware | All Windows | 1.3 Mb | free
Antfermin A humorously busy cartoon ant farm scene. Lots going on at a quick pace. Very  original graphics for a nice screensaver. Kukuxumusu | Win.98/ME/2000/XP | 635  Kb | free
Bear Celebrates
Bear Celebrates A polar bear celebrating the holidays on a floating chunk of ice. Fun animation and graphics. GameFalls | Win.95/98 | 2.3 Mb | trial
Bus Stop 2
Bus Stop 2 Animated, interactive bus stop scene with traffic and people. Colorful, detailed and humorous with lots of options. Very nicely done. DTgrafic | Win.9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP | 4261 Kb | shareware
Cartoon Ticker 3D
Cartoon Ticker 3D ScreensaverSoft and pliable alphabet characters dance across the screen. Excellent 3D graphics. Screensaver-Network | Win.98/ME/2000/XP | 4.9 Mb | demo
Comic Aquarium 3D
Comic Aquarium 3DFish with cute comical faces and expressions in a realistic aquarium setting. Very nicely done. Screensaver-Network | Win.98/ME/2000/XP | 4.6 Mb | demo
Harry Potter 3D Slide Show
Harry Potter 3D Slide Show ScreensaverHarry in the library displaying pictures from his movie with the wave of his wand. You have the option to replace the pictures with the ones from your folder. UselessCreations | Windows | 4 Mb | free
Kukuxumusu KaputComical sheep flying toward you as in a starfield effect. Animated humorous graphics. Kukuxumusu | Win.32 | 516 Kb | free
Kukuxumusu Kosmos A familiar theme from KUKUXUMUSU of the San Fermin running of the bulls. This time it's in outer space with colorful and humorous characters floating in space. KUKUXUMUSU | Win.32 | 982 Kb | free
Office Fish
Office Fish An underwater scene of sea creature office workers. Nice humorous graphics and animation. Howie's Funware | Win.32 | 2.22 Mb | free
Scooby Doo 2001
Scooby Doo 2001Scooby and friends up to their antics. A long program with animation and songs. Download from the author's website. Graphics Blandishment
Win9x/2000/ME/NT | free
Superman Returns 3D
Superman Returns 3DWatch our favorite superhero fly around skyscrapers. Fun screensaver with movie theme music to choose from and a billboards that show images from the movie. UselessCreations | Win.9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP | 1.8 Mb | free
The Bulls Running Underwater 2  A satirical cartoon of the annual Running of the Bulls in San Fermin Spain. Cute  animated original graphics but may not be suitable for young kids. Kukuxumusu |  Win.98/ME/2000/XP | 612 Kb | free
When Pigs Fly
When Pigs Fly ScreensaverSquadrons of flying pigs zooming through the sky in 3D. Funny. Useless Creations | Win.9x/ME/NT/2000/XP | 2.2 Mb | free

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